Calamari API Documentation
Calamari offers a public web API, with which you can manage absences and timesheet entries.

General info

Before you can use Calamari API, you have to enable "API Access" in configuration panel. Please keep generated ApiKey in secret. Every method in this API is authenticated using HTTP Basic Authentication (more info).

  • As username use "calamari".

Returned HTTP status code indicates method result. In general:

In particular, you should implement:

ErrorResponse format
If status 4xx is returned, you can read additional information from returned json object.
                "message": string,
                "code": string,
                "field": string

Common error codes:

Terms of use and changes policy
Responses and requests objects can be extended. If you cannot recognize a json object attribute, just ignore it.
Here you can find terms of use of all Calamari services.